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Manufacturer Contact Information & Support


We carry a wide-range of pressure washers on our website.  We want to ensure you get all the support you need for your new pressure washer and have provided a list of manufacturer contact information below for support. Prior to ordering a pressure washer from us, it's important that you review our Shipping Information page so you'll know what to do if your pressure washer arrived damaged from the freight carrier.  We do our best to keep the most recently updated manuals on our website for additional support, however, some manufacturers provide limited information.  If you have a machine with a manufacturer defect, you'll need to contact the manufacturer directly for support, however, we would like to be informed as well so we can ensure that we are providing quality pressure washers at all times and can assist you further if necessary.  Below is a list of all of the manufacturer brands that we carry and their contact information.  We update this list each time a new pressure washer or cleaning equipment brand manufacturer is added to our store.



Easy Kleen Logo

Phone: 1-800-315-5533 Ext. 2


Landa Karcher Group Logo

Phone: 1-800-526-3248


AR Blue Clean Pressure Washers Website

Phone: 1-866-235-5112