Return Policy and FAQ's

Return Policy and FAQ’s

Thank you for shopping with us!  We know many of our competitors don't list important information about their return policy or hide it in fine print, but we want to be completely transparent with our customers regarding returns.  The following information is provided to help improve your customer experience and ensure you’re buying with confidence. Please feel free to reference our Shipping Information to ensure you’re familiar with our shipping methods as well.  If you have any questions about our return policy, please don't hesitate to email or call us.


General Information Regarding Returns:

An RMA (Return Material Authorization) must be requested and included inside your return box in order for your return to be processed. We cannot accept returned products without an RMA #. An RMA # can be obtained by calling our toll-free number at 1-844-785-6229 and speaking with a customer service representative.

A credit will be issued to the same credit card (or same method of payment) as was provided when you checked out within 10 business days once we have received your item with the RMA # on it.  Any product that has been gassed, oiled or lubed cannot be returned due to federal shipping regulations and/or our inability or a manufacturer or vendor's inability to re-stock and re-sell the item as new. In this instance, your product should be taken to an authorized service center and may be covered under warranty. (Please see our list of manufacturers and vendors with their contact information for further support.)


I need to cancel my order.

Unfortunately, once an order has shipped, it cannot be cancelled. Any refused orders that have already been shipped will incur the round-trip shipping costs (if at least one had not already been paid for because free-shipping was included). Any additional fees (i.e., credit card fees, manufacturer fees, etc.) incurred by as a result of a cancelled order will be charged to the customer in addition to a 25% restocking fee.


Unopened Product Refunds:

Products that are unopened and returned within 30 days after delivery are eligible for a refund of the item(s) less any fees.  Fees may include, but are not expressly limited to items such as shipping fees and restocking fees. If the item was shipped to you for “free shipping”, our actual initial shipping costs incurred through sending the item to you will be deducted from the total refund. You may ask why your refund is less the original "free shipping" costs.  This is because we simply can't afford to incur shipping costs on returned merchandise.  We offer the lowest prices possible for our customer's benefit.  If we incur shipping costs on products that are being returned, we're losing money and can't sustain a profitable business; therefore, our customer's would also lose the ability to buy our products at low prices.  It is your responsibility to select a shipping carrier of your choice and pay for any shipping costs incurred to safely return the item to us unless other arrangements have been made with us. Please reference our General Information Regarding Returns paragraph for more information on returns and refunds that may impact a return or refund.


My product arrived damaged or I’ve discovered it’s defective. What should I do?

As noted on our shipping page, it is your responsibility to inspect all products received before signing for delivery from the carrier- it is very important that you review this information. There are varying types of damage and each have their own process.

Clearly visual and obvious damage:

In an instance where your product is clearly damaged, do not sign for the shipment- you must refuse delivery due to the incurred damage. Note on the delivery receipt that the “product is damaged” and that you are “refusing shipment” and have the shipping carrier driver note ALL damages on the delivery receipt as well. Call us right away so that we can quickly process a claim with the shipping carrier and arrange an exchange of the product for you.

Outer carton/shipping container damage:

If your shipping carton/container looks like it has some damage upon arrival but you’re uncertain if the contents of your shipment have been damaged and you want to accept the shipment anyway, you should note the delivery receipt in the shipping carrier driver’s presence as “Damaged Freight Possible” to ease the hassle of a freight claim in the event that your product is actually damaged from shipping.  Again, it is your responsibility to fully inspect the shipment upon arrival for any damage.

Internal, not externally visible damage from the shipping container or product is not functioning/functional (defective):

At the time of receiving your shipment AFTER you have fully inspected the shipment, it was not visible that the product was damaged but upon further inspection, the product has been damaged and was likely, as evident by damage on the outer container; please refer to the paragraphs above noting your responsibility to fully inspect your shipment. Real-life example: a shipment for a hot water pressure washer arrives and the outer container looks to be in good condition and you sign for the shipment.  After opening the crate and removing the packaging, you discover that an interior pallet is broken and there is evidence that the shipment was dropped at some point before you received it and your pressure washer appears damaged- in this instance, it will be extremely difficult for us to assist with a shipping claim and provide a refund because you did not fully inspect your shipment when it arrived.  Alternatively, if the product is defective, whether by shipping, or it arrived that way from the manufacturer, you will need to contact us immediately so that we can determine if the issue is a technical issue or a manufacturer defect.

If defect occurred through no fault of the shipper, this may simply be a technical issue that can be resolved through a phone call to the manufacturer’s customer service or technical team. The majority of the manufacturer’s we partner with have well-trained technicians available to speak with you to help resolve your issue. You will need the model number of your product and the serial number as well. Defective items will typically be covered under your product’s manufacturer warranty and contact should be made with the manufacturer to make a warranty claim. We encourage all customers to test their products within 14 days of receipt to determine if there are any mechanical issues. All engine-powered equipment that has been filled in any way (gas, oil, etc.) cannot be returned due to federal shipping regulations and guidelines. You will need to contact your local authorized service center or the manufacturer for any warranty-related repairs or claims.  We are happy to assist in finding a local authorized service center near you.


Factory/Manufacturer Direct Items

Products that are shipped factory direct from the manufacturer may be eligible for a refund with prior approval from the manufacturer or as outlined in this policy. You will need to contact the manufacturer directly to obtain an approval, however, they may charge up to a 25% restocking fee and you may be responsible for round-trip shipping fees regardless if the product was sold with free shipping so that the manufacturer can re-coup their original shipping costs.  Please feel free to contact us to assist with this process.


My product has been opened. Can I still return it?

First, please reference the last two bolded sentences under General Information Regarding Returns. If your product meets the criteria in that sentence, it can, unfortunately, not be returned. Other opened products may be returned within 30 days of the date of delivery with a 25% restocking fee.  In order to receive your refund less the 25% restocking fee and any shipping fees we incurred in sending it to you if the item was sold with free shipping included, you will need to ship the item back to PressureWasherSales.NET (at your cost) with an RMA #.  All opened, returned products must include any original materials or packaging and must be in sellable condition.


My product is custom-built. Can I return it?

Products that have been built to your specifications and shipped direct from the manufacturer cannot be returned as we have no guarantee of being able to re-sell a custom product.


Can I return a product that I installed?

Due to the potential for “wear and tear” or improper use/removal of a product we cannot, in good conscious, return the product in an effort to re-sell it. You may, however, contact the manufacturer to inquire about a warranty claim. The discretion of covering costs associated with a warranty claim is up to the manufacturer.

If, after reading our Return Policy, you still have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll be happy to provide further explanations.

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